Artful Spiritual Journey with Rev. Deb – Where Creativity Meets Mindfulness and Worship

Artful Spiritual Journey with Rev. Deb – Where Creativity Meets Mindfulness and Worship

Embark on a unique and transformative experience that seamlessly blends the realms of art, meditation, mindfulness, prayer, and worship. Pastor Deb, a fully ordained minister to Word and Sacrament with a Master of Divinity degree from San Francisco Theological Seminary, invites you to a sacred space where creativity and spirituality converge.

Explore Your Inner Canvas: Art Meditation Sessions

Immerse yourself in the meditative and healing power of art under the gentle guidance of Pastor Deb. Currently serving as Pastoral Supply for the Congregational UCC in Minot, she leads worship services and delivers engaging sermons. Through carefully curated sessions, participants are encouraged to express their spirituality through strokes of color, creating a visual representation of their inner thoughts and reflections.

Mindfulness and Prayer: A Canvas for Spiritual Connection 

Incorporating mindfulness and prayer, these sessions become a sacred dialogue between the canvas and the soul. Pastor Deb, trained by the Lombard Mennonite Peace Center as a mediator, brings a harmonious blend of peaceful reflection and spiritual guidance to each artistic endeavor.

Worship in Color: Artful Communion

Witness the transformation of your artistic expressions into a form of worship. Engage in artful communion where the act of creation becomes a sacred ritual, connecting you to a deeper sense of purpose and spirituality. 

Pastor Deb – Your Guide on this Spiritual Artistic Odyssey

As your guide, Pastor Deb, in her role as Pastoral Supply for the Congregational UCC, combines her extensive training in mediation with her deep spiritual insights to facilitate an atmosphere of peace, reflection, and connection. The art becomes a vessel for prayer, a tool for meditation, and a pathway to spiritual communion.

Join Us in this Artful Spiritual Exploration!

Whether you seek moments of reflection, a spiritual journey through art, or a unique form of worship, Pastor Deb invites you to join this extraordinary blend of creativity and spirituality.

Contact us today to explore the possibilities of Art Meditation, Mindfulness, Prayer, and Worship with Pastor Deb.

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